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aerial originator

Photo by Maike Schultz


Elise Thea is an aerial originator with a stunning stage presence who blends circus, dance, and theater into compelling acts.  She is most often seen on her specialty aerial apparatus, the aerial halo, but also creates art on fabric, hoop, trapeze, and chains. Her aerial work draws upon her extensive dance experience, which includes modern, ballet, Bharata Natyam, and various forms of African dance, as well as her theatrical training. Although she fell in love with birds while getting her B.A. in Biology from Oberlin College, she decided to first take flight herself and attended the New England Center for Circus Arts ProTrack program.  A versatile artist, she has filled the Alamodome in San Antonio with her stage presence, entertained lively crowds from bar tops in San Francisco and Chicago, and performed with grace befitting of her audience at the distinguished Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Elise’s signature acts include unique, character-driven choreography with strong musicality, whether it’s to classical music or Jimi Hendrix. She has performed as a soloist, in an ensemble, and for some lucky audiences, as one half of Forever Marzipan - the dazzling, dynamic duo with a mean comedic streak. From black box theatrical productions to ballroom gala glitz, Elise brings impeccable professionalism to her work both on and off stage.  Currently based in the LA area, she enjoys walking her cat, bird watching, and creating small crafts to please her aesthetically driven heart.

Photo courtesy of Aerial Horizon

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